Providing a friendly caring service in the luxury of your own home

Dementia can be presented in different forms and therefore requires staff to be trained to identify any changes and to offer support and guidance to not only the service user but to families and friends.

With years of experience in dementia services Homecare has been able to develop techniques on making life easier for the service user and their families whilst maintaining independence and dignity at all times and ensuring that the service user is safe in their own environment.

Regulated by the Care Quality Commision


"Ever since I moved to Chesterfield 8 years ago, my daughter, Christine, has provided the majority of my care, supported by Homecare. But people were increasingly telling Christine that she “Needed to be a daughter not a carer” and so in March she reluctantly handed over my 3 daily care calls to Homecare, allowing her to pop in every day and be my daughter again."

K. Parker

"What would we do without them? My carers are all wonderful. Giving me my meals - I am sure if it were not for that I probably would miss half my meals! They keep a close eye on all my medication. They are always cheerful which brightens up my day, and here I must make a special mention of Pat. God bless them all."

M. Gaynor

"I would like to thank my mum’s care team for the support you gave her for the last 4 years and especially the last 5 months after she fractured her hip. She could not have managed without their care (neither could I!) and I knew she was in safe hands."

K. Smith

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the care you gave my mum. She always looked forwards to your visits. She felt you understood her needs and you made her feel safe. Your job isn’t easy, but you are appreciated."

E. Pugh

"The level of care and compassion shown to S.Taylor was outstanding, not to mention the support given to family members too."

S. Taylor’s family

"All the staff are so nice and friendly. You hear horror stories about care, but they have made it so human. They are very informative and have helped my family understand care more."


We're committed to maintaining the highest degree of care possible.